Located in a 1922 historic Covington landmark, Van Go’s Studio is a contemporary art gallery full of surprises. 

There is something for everyone and a wide range of prices.

Scroll down to see what our patrons are saying about the gallery…

“I never would have imagined a place like this in Covington.”
– a South Carolina teenager

“This is A+.  It’s what a gallery should look like.  It’s sharp.”
– Jack, professional artist

     “It reminds me of Asheville or the Virginia Highlands.
You have something for everyone.”
– B.S., an artist

     “Your art gallery is a temple of love, art, and beauty.”
– K.I.

     “The prices are very reasonable.”
– Everyone

    “It feels good in here.”
– B.H.

     “It’s very friendly and inviting.”
– Barb

     “We didn’t know what to expect.
We knew from the outside that it would be interesting inside.”
– D.D.

     “It feels relaxing, you walk in, you get a good vibe.”
– Matthew

     “What a gift to Covington.”
– Betsy

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